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Shorthand Hindi Dictation 60WPM/80WPM (400Word)| 5 Audio DIctation

Shorthand Hindi Dictation 60WPM or 80WPM:- Hello all of you In this post i add some audio file which have Hindi steno 60wpm dictation and also Hindi 80WPM dictation. This will help all of you to much. Shorthand Dictation improves your Shorthand…Read More »

Shorthand Hindi Dictation 80 WPM For SSC/CRPF/ASRB

This is 80WPM Shorthand Hindi Dictation. I make this dictation for all of you to give you best information of shorthand. Here i add Hindi Dictation 80 WPM audio file, which helps you to improve your Hindi Shorthand Speed as fast as…Read More »