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Shorthand Hindi Dictation 60WPM or 80WPM:- Hello all of you In this post i add some audio file which have Hindi steno 60wpm dictation and also Hindi 80WPM dictation. This will help all of you to much. Shorthand Dictation improves your Shorthand writting skill and speed. I know every one want above 80WPM Shorthand writing speed but it not make in one day.

Shorthand Hindi Dictation 60WPM/80WPM (400Word)

So, If you want to improve you Shorthand Speed you must practice hard i provide more hindi shorthand dictation as soon as possible. In this part i add five audio shorthand dictation with picture matter you listen in audio you download file both and keep pratice five time each Hindi Shorthand Dictation 80WPM. I think you all practice more than 5 times to improve your Hindi Shorthand Dictation 60WPM in few days and crack yout dream government job.

Click on File name and download Hindi Dictation File Instantly without any time waste.

Hindi Shorthand DIctation Audio File

Part 1-

Hindi 10 60wpm

Hindi 10 80wpm


Part 2-

Hindi 11 60wpm

Hindi 11 80wpm

More part Come Soon…….

You all also tell me any issue I solve soon If you think my voice not good I use a better mic. Make more dictation and if you want any special character symbols then tell me in comment box I do for you. I provide you Hindi 80 wpm shorthand dictation. This Hindi shorthand dictation 80 wpm give you best Hindi shorthand dictation,

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