By | December 27, 2017
Here I write some passage for English Shorthand Dictation. You can use this passage for you shorthand dictation without any problem. This is the best dictation to speed up you Grammalogues So use This Shorthand English Passage For You preparation.


The food eaten by man bears something like the same relation to his power of working as the coal thrown into the furnace bears to the engine which drives the rotary press or draws the train. The power in our arms or in our brains is rightly said to be produced in our stomach, and it is from the same organ we derive the force necessary to rouse us to severe exertion in the earning of the wage or salary we receive for our services. Something of the value of our work rests upon the strength-producing the value of our food. At all costs and by all means, we should take measures to ensure the food value of everything we eat.

Keep Practice this passage for best result and best speed in English shorthand.

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