By | January 8, 2018
Here I write some passage for English Shorthand Dictation. You can use this passage for you shorthand dictation without any problem. This is the best dictation to speed up you Grammalogues So use This Shorthand English Passage For You preparation.


Dear Sir- The heavy mahogany table for your new home, “Hillside”, Woodhouse Lane, is ready for delivery at anytime when we hear from you. We hope to have the hangings fixed tomorrow, and the curtains hung by Wednesday next. The new hammocks and hassocks are almost ready, and they will be delivered next week. Our van may be in your neighbourhood on Monday, in which case you shall have tthe hall chairs and the whole of the small household things then. But for a mishap at our Harlay Works, you would ahve had the hair cushions for the sattee before this. We hope, however, to receive them on Friday, and to deliver them with the other things on Monday. Yours truly

Keep Practice this passage for best result and best speed in English shorthand.

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